925 Sterling silver colorful enamel hoop earrings

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Oval hoop earrings, colorful enamel design, 18k gold plated sterling silver
The perfect jewelry gift that expands women's fashion wardrobe with colorful French style
Hand-made .925 sterling silver; 18K gold plating is added to enhance the design and appearance
These silver flakes are made for longevity. This work has metal plating or flash, or electroplating, the appearance is more dazzling, but long-term use or heavy use will wear out. To ensure the longevity of gold-plated items, please store your jewelry in a dark, cool, and dry place, such as a small bag or airtight box, and avoid rubbing the gold-plated items together. In addition, please try to avoid contact with cleaning products and perfumes that may have a negative impact on your items.

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